• Jerome Cleary

Top Los Angeles Publicist Gives Top 5 PR Trends For 2018

1. Social Media Continues To Climb

As more people commit to using and reading social media it will be the number one thing people look at, share and talk about. Which means your latest media placement link is the perfect thing to post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google. Yes, there are many more social media channels but I am naming the ones I favor and many other people do too.

2. Videos Make Every Story Even Better

There is no getting around having a clip of something from the story or about your story.

3. Shorter Is Better

Nowadays no one can read a long email or article without skimming it or not finishing it. Make every word count and think about how you can get the news part of the story across in the title, subtitle and first paragraph.

4. Photos Are The Thing

If you have a great photo in every story you tell the photos are just as important as the story. Make sure that you have an image that intrigues, excites and makes the thumbnail photo of the story one that people want to click on right away and often.

5. Everything Is Connected

Don’t be surprised that everything you do, read or are close to are interrelated. We are in a world where everyone knows everything and a little of something new. Keep your ears and eyes open as your answers to your next media thing is right in front of you.

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