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  • Jerome Cleary

Score Big with Small Media: Building a PR Campaign with Local Coverage

National headlines might seem like the holy grail of PR, but impactful campaigns can be built right in your backyard. Local media offers a powerful platform to connect with your target audience and build brand trust. Here's how to craft a PR strategy that leverages the power of small media:

Know Your Audience, Know Your Media:

  • Target: Who are you trying to reach? Understanding your ideal customer is key to identifying relevant local publications, websites, and radio shows.

  • Media Landscape: Research local newspapers, radio stations, community blogs, and social media influencers. Look for outlets that cater to your audience's interests.

Craft a Newsworthy Story:

Not every business update deserves a headline. Focus on stories with a local angle:

  • Community Involvement: Are you supporting a local charity or sponsoring a youth sports team? Shout about it!

  • Company Milestones: Celebrating an anniversary or achieving a business goal? Local media loves hometown success stories.

  • Industry Expertise: Do you have a unique perspective on a relevant topic? Offer yourself as a source for interviews or guest articles.

Build Relationships with Journalists:

  • Network: Attend industry events, connect with journalists on social media, and introduce yourself.

  • Offer Value: Don't just pitch stories. Become a resource by offering expert commentary or providing insightful responses to their inquiries.

  • Respect Their Time: Journalists are busy. Keep your pitches concise, newsworthy, and targeted to their specific publication.

Embrace New Media Platforms:

Local media isn't just newspapers anymore. Consider these options:

  • Community Podcasts: Many local areas have thriving podcast scenes. Reach out to hosts who discuss topics relevant to your business.

  • Hyperlocal Social Media: Engage with local Facebook groups, Nextdoor communities, or neighborhood-specific Instagram accounts.

  • Local Online News: Many local news outlets have a strong online presence. Pitch stories or offer comments on existing articles.

Remember, PR is a Marathon, Not a Sprint:

Building strong media relationships takes time and consistent effort. Be patient, be helpful, and deliver on your promises. By providing local media with valuable content and fostering positive relationships, you'll establish your brand as a trusted voice in your community.



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