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4 Reasons Why Great PR Matters in 2017

Public Relations is one of those often misunderstood roles that some define incorrectly as “free advertising”. As a result, many businesses do not know how to even begin running a PR campaign or what it entails. What is conclusive is that every business needs good public relations however between popular images of PR reps making speeches on TV and online spammers masquerading as PR experts, many people and businesses are left confused as to what exactly public relations is. There is no one way of doing great PR however it involves press releases, media alerts, press tours, trade shows, promotions and events, networking, public affairs as well as managing community relations.

Given the multiple ways any organization can achieve the best publicity, public relations can be a powerful tool to transform businesses and brands. In the same way it can be a confusing field that leaves business owners not knowing how relevant it can be when applied towards their financial growth. Here are a 4 reasons that PR is vital to businesses, individuals and self-employed specialists:

1. Brand Reputation

Management of brand reputation is the number 1 reason why Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and sports athletes all heavily invest in top PR agents. In the same way every business, individual and self-employed professional has a brand to promote and manage. It doesn’t matter whether you are a book author or a manufacturing company, public relations can get your name and brand recognized even by non-users. The more your brand is recognized, the higher you are perceived as a leader in your field and consequently, the more you receive additional business.

2. Networking and Building Relationships

People often talk of social networking as a means of marketing your business however they forget that PR is a predecessor to social networking. Beyond Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, the best PR experts can help you build relationships with key decision makers and can communicate effectively with industry influencers so your business gains allies, partnerships, supporters and advocates. While social networking is part and parcel of marketing, public relations acts as an aid to existing marketing frameworks so you can get compound results.

3. Industry Credibility

As many people realize often too late, merely opening a business, setting up a website or publishing a book is just not enough to turn you into the go-to resource for your field. Some would say you haven’t paid your dues however in PR it is a simple issue of not having enough credibility. Many businesses get over this hurdle by hiring a top publicist agency or recognized PR consultant because they realize that it is not just about releasing press releases. The best public relations companies will take a new business or newly launched product and turn it into a household name. This is as by-product of gaining credibility within the industry as a trusted brand. PR can help you get this through positive media coverage, being associated with other trusted businesses or putting your brand at the forefront of important events. It doesn’t have to be the expensive process of constant advertising either. Examples of affordable or free ways that PR can help you gain credibility include: having your business featured as sponsors of local or nationwide events, speaking at events or hosting them.

4. Capitalize on market opportunities

Any top publicists will tell you that great public relations is just as much about having a solid PR strategy as it is about taking advantage of market opportunities that present themselves. PR is an on-going effort that doesn’t end with an advertisement or a press release. Imagine how top Los Angeles publicists are constantly on the lookout for ways to promote their clients especially in highly competitive fields such as the movie and music industries. Even the best laid PR strategies need a little more oomph from opportunities that come and go. It can be as easy as choosing a stance on current social and business news or capitalizing on unexpected events to get your company recognized in a positive light. Whatever the opportunity, a great PR agent is able to quickly spot potential breaks sometimes even before they occur and help navigate your business in the best position to win from them.

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