• By Jerome Cleary

5 Reasons To Add A Publicist In 2017

On many levels today with social media outlets available like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram there have never before been an easier way to promote directly to the public and organically connect to the media. But your message and what you post and send out is equally important. So this is why many people choose to enlist a publicist to manage and maintain their message and presence.

But what does a publicist actually do? Your publicist acts as your manager and assistant with their personal media contacts as their connecting point.

A great publicist is responsible for telling your story in a unique way that is genuine and interesting. It is a way of branding your image with your story and stories on a continual basis. The best publicists secure media coverage making the right opportunities happen in the best possible way.

Many top publicists give their ongoing media advice as your personal PR consultant from everything from your appearance, talking points and brand. They will oversee everything from your website content, blog posts, tweets, photos and which events to attend.

Here are 6 public relations guidelines to consider:

1. What Is Your Current Story That Is Important To Get Out:

What is it that you are offering now that would be an interesting reason to tell your story? There has to be a hard or soft news angle in order to gain press and media coverage. The media does not want to run a story on anything that is considered old dated news. If your story is mundane or similar to other news stories than it will not have the chance of being picked up and covered. Your goal is to get media coverage to reach your audience. It has to be a great or good story that gains interest.

2. Have You Gained Interest On Your Own Through Social Media?

Before social media and the Internet came along there was only one route to get the public’s attention and interest and that was with a publicist. Now there are many ways to build a foundation on your own and possibly get enough attention that the media wants to cover your story.

Many artists are using social media to sell downloads of their music and have fans attend their live performances. Comics and actors use social media to promote their shows and build their brands. Your job is to convince the media that there is a demand for your story to be covered too. Once you have successfully gained significant fans and audience this may be the time to add a publicist to generate the right buzz to continue to build your story and brand.

3. Is There A Demand Coming In For Press Coverage?

So now you have cultivated your fan base and there are now emails and calls coming in for interviews and photo shoots. A great publicist may now be the right addition to your team to secure and manage the media requests. Since your publicist will now act as your personal PR assistant to find the right opportunities and guide your image, brand and interview requests. Your publicist will go over which photos to use, which interviews to do and how your story can be told.

4. How Do You Want To Grow Your Coverage And Maintain Your Brand?

You are now getting stories placed online and are receiving local media coverage. This may be the time to add a publicist to get media coverage where you are not getting your stories placed.

5. Do You Have The Budget Now For PR?

Hiring a publicist has to be affordable and reasonable for you to maintain on a monthly basis. Everything takes time and money and PR campaigns do not happen overnight. Some PR firms ask for at least a four-month commitment to even get started. A publicist has to take your material and create new materials to submit to the media. Do you have the time, budget and patience to work with a publicist to build the new foundation?

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