• By Jerome Cleary

Top Los Angeles Publicist Tells What To Look For In 2018

With 2018 coming up quickly you may be asking yourself what you can do differently for your business regarding hiring and adding one of the best publicists to make a difference in the New Year. One of the many reasons people hire a top publicist for their projects is that they want to capitalize on the momentum that their company has been building and want to brand their name and their company and product even further. What are the first things you should do is find out what your needs are to have any kind of PR Publicity work done for what you already have that you are promoting. As a seasoned Los Angeles publicist, I can tell you that there are many different avenues that can be explored in the media to get your name out there even further. This could be an article in the local newspaper, a Q and A interview in a well-known blog, and or a great interview on a radio talk show or an interview on a local TV show or regional national television segment. You know how it is one day you are channel surfing watching TV and you see someone else’s story being told or someone else being interviewed and you think to yourself: “how come that’s not my company on TV” or “how come that’s not me?” One of the first things I do with my clients is figure out a great strategy for their PR campaign. How will I choose the right media contacts and how I’m going to shape and mold the story with the correct story pitch and angle. From there I then figure out who are my most recent contacts and who are my new media contacts I could pitch the story to. I am fortunate because I always have my eyes and ears open as I’m always looking at everything online to see what the current climate and temperature is each day, each week, each hour just to see how I can fit my current PR clients into some trending story. Then it is through my vision for my PR clients that I am able to come up with a dynamic one of a kind storytelling. That’s what you should look for in your publicist. If you’re looking for the top publicist in your area, in your city, your state, county, region or country you should look for someone who understands what you are marketing and what your appeal and who are your clients and customers are too. For more information: BestPRguy@gmail.com or www.publicityandmarketing.com

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