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  • Jerome Cleary

Navigating Top Press Release Hurdles Amid Major News Stories

The PR world thrives on getting your client's message in front of the right audience. You craft a compelling press release, target relevant media outlets, and hope for the best. But sometimes, the best-laid plans can be upended by a news behemoth. Here's how a major news story can cast a long shadow and obscure your client's carefully crafted press release:

1. News Cycle Takeover: News operates on a 24/7 cycle, with audiences hungry for the latest developments. A major breaking story – a political scandal, a natural disaster, or a groundbreaking scientific discovery – can dominate headlines for days. This intense focus leaves little room for other stories, pushing your client's press release further down the pecking order.

2. Audience Attention Span: The constant barrage of information bombards audiences. Attention spans are shorter, and readers are more likely to skim headlines and move on. If your client's press release doesn't immediately grab attention, it may get lost, especially if overshadowed by a more captivating story.

3. Relevance Shift: A major news story can alter your client's news context. For example, if your client announces a new line of eco-friendly cleaning products, a story about a massive oil spill may suddenly make your press release seem less relevant.

So, what can you do?

1. Timing is Key: While you can't predict major news events, be strategic about release dates. Avoid periods with historically high news volume, like election weeks or major sporting events.

2. Tailor Your Message: Craft your press release with the potential for a news takeover in mind. Anticipate how a major story might affect your client's news and be prepared to adjust the messaging to highlight its continued relevance.

3. Go Beyond the Release: Don't rely solely on the press release. Utilize social media to promote your client's news and engage with audiences directly. Targeted online advertising can also help ensure your message reaches the intended viewers.

4. Embrace the Pivot: If a major news story breaks, be prepared to adapt. Consider issuing a new statement that connects your client's news to the larger event, demonstrating its ongoing significance.

The media landscape is dynamic, and even the most meticulously planned PR campaign can face unforeseen challenges. By understanding how major news stories can impact your efforts, you can develop strategies to mitigate their effect and ensure your client's message still gets heard.


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