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  • Jerome Cleary

How Do You See Your Best Publicity for 2023?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

It's never too early to think about this year and next year's publicity plans.

Everyone has a dream list of media placements they would love to be featured in. Some say Wall Street Journal, New York Times and others say Vanity Fair or People Magazine. And it's not unrealistic to have great PR goals when you are working with a top publicist. Usually when you meet with a potential publicist you have your initial consultation and then hopefully you would also mention your dream list of PR that you would love to have. With this list is added other media to build a solid foundation of media placements to get the word out. Keeping in mind any and all media is super important too. Why? Because with blogs and websites and other media being featured online you never know which TV and radio segment producer who just happens to read your story and wants to feature it now on their show or segment. Today's freelance writer featuring you on a new or small blog can end up with them a year later is now working at a well know media outlet. Which is why you should say yes to every single media placement that comes along. Never say never.

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