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How Publicity Is Cheaper Than Advertising

Public Relations is a higher echelon service that psychologically does marketing better.

When the average reader comes across editorial in a magazine, newspaper, blog or website it is then the brain of the reader already knowing that it's not an advertisement but an actual news article. This is versus someone reading and coming across an ad because the brain had been told it's an ad already by the copy in the ad and the way the ad is displayed to the reader. The reason PR and publicity is much more effective is because the news article is endorsed by the publication as an important article to pay attention and read.

Public relations experts prosper in telling their story by the way of editorial because it presents the information as a new story in basic story telling. It presents a perceived problem like a health problem that happens to be the PR client's unique solution for example by giving an answer of a new supplement or exercise equipment.

Over 70 percent of articles you read or see in the media has come from a public relations agency. A new grocery bag carrier, the latest smart phone, a politician attacking the President or even the latest environmental problem that citizens are outraged about have been sent to reporters who take the information and reject it or uplift and approve it by doing a story about it in the media.

Running a full page ad in a publication can cost over $150,000 or more but getting a journalist to take notice of your publicist's submitted press release and do a unique story about it is much cheaper and again not an ad to be seen as a commercial advertisement.

A story in a magazine, newspaper or on TV can now live on endlessly with the advent of social media a story can last forever online as a Facebook post, a Tweet and re-tweet on Twitter.

This is why building the right foundation with a publicist for your unique story shapes and molds it for the media to take notice and want to cover the story now. Through proper research you can find the top publicist to do the best publicity job for your project.

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