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  • Jerome Cleary

How Publicity Is Less Expensive Than Advertising

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Public Relations is a higher echelon service which psychologically does marketing better.

When someone reads an article in a magazine, newspaper, blog or website their brain knows it is not an advertisement. When someone reads an ad they know it is an ad by the way the ad is presented. The reason publicity has a greater impact is because the news article has been endorsed by the publication.

Public relations has the edge by telling the news in a story because it presents it as verified facts. It presents a perceived problem by giving answers which is done in a way that is not as ad sales copy.

Over 70 percent of articles you read or see in the media most likely has come from a public relations agency. A new grocery bag carrier, the latest smart phone, the latest environmental problem that citizens are outraged about have been sent to reporters who take the information and approve it by doing a story about it.

Running a full page ad in a publication cost thousands of dollars but getting a journalist to do a unique story lifts the content above any advertisement.

Your story can live online with social media as a story that can last forever as a Facebook post, re-post, a Tweet and tweeted again on Twitter.

That is why with the right publicist your unique story is shaped and molded for the media to take notice and want to cover the story. Through proper research you can find the top publicist to do the best publicity job for your project.

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