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  • Jerome Cleary

Is Your Publicist Pitching Your Story The Best Way?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

It's no secret a bad story pitch for your brand can be a real disaster.

Your publicist should be like a great agent or manager and be able to find the right angle for your story and pitch it to the media in an exciting way. There are millions of stories out there that get covered by the media every day and yours could probably be picked up too. But is your publicist taking the story you have and are they pitching it in a meaningful way that makes sense? There are so many ways to find the right story angle to your unique story. Does your story rise to the top by capitalizing on what is already out there? Or is your story so specific and unique it has never been covered or told before. What makes your story a great story? Well that depends on many variables. Is your story innovative with a new process or technique? Is your story a heartbreaking story that has you overcoming impossible odds? Is your story well researched that uplifts the reader or viewer in a way that brings tears of joy? Or is your story a classic story that makes a difference in the world today?

Your publicist if they are great at their job can be able to take your story and make it soar high enough that makes the public sit up and stand up and take notice. What makes a PR client's account challenging to a top publicist is making lemons out of the lemonades that you have provided. Some stories are evergreen and can be told again and again. Other stories are considered breaking news stories and have to be told right now today. And other stories are specific to a certain time of year. Which is why you need to have a PR person know how to shape and mold your story and get it right the first time just before it goes out to the media. Make sure you have the right partnership with your publicist and feel good about what is being offered and pitched to the media.

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