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  • Jerome Cleary

Top Los Angeles Publicist Says Everyone Needs A Publicist

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hello? Who Needs A Publicist? You Do Today.

You may be thinking, who needs a publicist? Or, you might have even concluded, nobody needs a publicist. Leave it or accept it, a publicist on your payroll enhances your credibility. How? Think of if you are going to launch a product or service, you will need someone to do the grounds work for you, contacting the media and the like to help pass the message around - someone who understands the information terrain and how it evolves - a professional at heart and on hand - a publicist. It is an obvious indication that you know your product offering and you are quite serious about its success – if not, what concerns you with hiring a publicist? More so, it gives you that aura of success – a confidence boost for your business to thrive.

Why hire a Publicist, then?

You may ask, why hire a publicist? What then does a publicist do? There are many people I meet in my travels that don't know what a publicist does, or why someone would want to hire a publicist. Simply put publicists aim to steer you clear of distractions by helping you focus on doing what you excel at.

Let’s take a moment go through the basics, a publicist works with producers, editors, and even your everyday internet bloggers to help launder (a form of advertisement) your name and products in the print media (newspapers, magazines etc.), audio-visual media (radio or television) and on the internet (websites, blogs, press releases, etc.). Oftentimes, they tend to pull on the strings of their established contacts to get the job done and at other times, meticulous and serious researches have to be done in order to pull it off successfully. Press releases, press kits, media advisories are all under the purview of your publicist. These, they will send to their various media contacts, and duly followed up to effectively brand your story. Publicists have got the sales pitch swag, carefully crafting emails to best paint your project with the right color while keeping the producer or editor up-to-date with succinct and informative correspondence.

Publicists will arrange logistics for your tours or traveling schedules, contact venues, purchases plane tickets, rental cars, reserves hotel rooms etc. They also schedule times for your multiple phone conferences around the world. Really, your publicist will give recommendations on publicity sources you are yet to consider as regards your schedules, track them down and see what can be funneled out of them.

So, Who Really Needs A Publicist?

Are you an author with a book publication on hand, a band with a major album release, a church with a major event or convention, an engineer with a breakthrough project design, an actor or producer with a major motion picture in the offing, or someone who have accomplished something laudable and newsworthy? Then there’s no more room for dilly-dallying or need for hesitation. Get a publicist – everyone needs one.

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