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  • Jerome Cleary

Top Publicist Explains Client's Mistakes That Delay Success

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Getting off on the wrong foot with your publicist can be expensive on missing out on PR placements.

Old or bad photos

Nothing says dated and stale then old photos or badly lit photos that are not dynamic. Photos of you or your product or event should be the best they can be at any budget. You can find a photographer even on Craigslist that will do a great job at a low price.

Not having one focus for one PR campaign at a time

Many times PR clients begin then suddenly they keep adding more on to the new PR campaign that is actually different or a separate PR campaign altogether.

Not sticking to their brand

A PR client comes in the door with a set trusted brand and then they begin to falter and make changes that waters down or ruins their brand.

Not being ready

A PR client comes on board but fails to inform the publicist that all their ducks are not lined up and ready to go. Thus, there are delays and set backs waiting for many variables before the PR campaign can be launched.

Taking to long to respond back to quick editorial deadlines

Editorial deadlines are many times really quick. A writer, editor or reporter needs a comment or quote for an article like right now. The PR client is texted, called and emailed and they do not react really fast and deliver the much-needed information and the deadline is blown.

Not being quick on their feet.

Having a PR client that cannot improvise and think fast on the feet may be a bigger problem when you get them booked on a radio show, TV show or a reporter interviews them on the phone or in-person.

Insisting they know PR better than their publicist

You would be surprised when a PR client says stuff like “I use to do PR too” or they begin to tell the publicist how to do their job. Would you go to a mechanic to fix your car and then tell the mechanic how to do the work?

Saying the wrong thing in the interview

If the PR client says something wrong if can potentially ruin the whole media placement and it may even get the story or segment scrapped completely.

Disappearing or being hard to get a hold of

The PR client fails to tell you that they are out of town and a TV segment is lost cause we can’t locate the client locally. Fortunately sometimes TV will agree to a Skype or Zoom segment.

Too many cooks

The PR client has too many people around them that clog up the communication or one of them drops the ball. Working with PR clients that deal with you one on one and they are their own point person is a great way to work.

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