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  • Jerome Cleary

Top Publicist Gives 21 PR Opportunities for 2023

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

A new year is just around the corner and publicists are already trying to figure out how to get ahead with the right media placements for their clients in 2023

. 1. It’s time to be more open-minded to the PR gifts right in front of you everyday. Bloggers can be your best friend in social media. So don’t discount blogging or bloggers, as they are the new journalists. 2. Does your story have the right angle to be news? You think you have something great to promote but it turns out that you have to do your homework a little more.

3. Give your publicist your trust to do their work well. You hired them to do what they do best so let them do it.

4. Make PR part of your present business model. Branding is enhanced further with PR and many companies know this. This is why they have a publicist on their team.

5. Keep a strong foundation for your brand. Do not stray from your brand or water down your brand with too many mixed messages.

6. Choose the right PR person or firm to represent your brand. There are perfect fits for each person or company when deciding on what public relations firm or publicist is going to be your point person.

7., Do not participate in random haphazard pitching. Know your message, know your story and stick with your vision.

8. Never underestimate what could be your own media magic recipe. Suddenly you have a great insight that pulls it all together and it tells a specific story to what your company does best.

9. Hire only a PR company that does research and is on top of things. Stay away from PR firms that do not listen, do not take what you give them and research the best strategy.

10. Get out of your own way. You have hired your PR company now let them do their job.

11. Refine your media lists and then refine them again. Get your niche right and stay steady on the goals.

12. Be aware of a realistic time line and be patient. It’s not push the button PR. Many clients think that it’s like a half hour TV show where they hire the PR firm in once scene and then by the end of the half hour the company is now on top of the world and a new media darling. It all takes a lot of time.

13. Invest in PR for your brand. The companies not using PR are not in the competitive market with their business rivals.

14. Know and understand your audience you are targeting. Your company cannot be in all demographics in keeping customers. There has to be a target consumer so find it and stick to it.

15. Hire a public relations firm that gets you and gets it. You will feel the chemistry and feel that they get you and that is the PR team you should hire.

16. Understand what public relations really mean. Public relations make it way of getting a better ad dollar for your buck. It appears in the media as great news stories and editorial for the masses to read. It is that local news segment and national news story on TV. It’s that fascinating radio show guest and it’s the great website or blog featured story.

17. Always have a crisis management plan. Anything can happen today or tomorrow so be prepared for anything to change or happen overnight.

18. Don’t pitch the wrong media targets. Nothing is more annoying than irking a reporter, editor or segment producer with a inappropriate pitch that does not make sense to them because they are not the one to do that kind of story.

19. Go beyond the press release. The press release is a template and a guideline but it is not the only thing that gets you media placements.

20. Keep your ears open. That woman or man sitting near you at Starbucks may be the person who has a friend who is the top writer for that magazine you wanted to get your client in. Your next in or contact could be right near you today.

21. Talk to everyone. Are you standoffish, judgmental or critical of those around you day to day? The people you see may be the linchpin to your turning point in your present PR campaign. Start talking to everyone all the time. For more info: 310 920-2424


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