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  • Jerome Cleary

6 Traits Of Great Press Release Writers

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

You can tell right away if a press release is well written and captures a great story to tell.

It's that time of year where you are thinking about publicity for your business and you. Just being a good writer does not always happen automatically. A great press release writer is made on a story that has a good story angle. You first have to take a look at what are the guts of the story. From there you must ponder what would make the most dynamic story that grabs the reader. Is it newsworthy? Does it have a new spin to the story? Why should people care? What makes it timely?

1. Grab your audience with identifying the real news angle. When you grab the attention of the reader this comes from first the headline and subtitle. Sometimes just making up the draft of the headline and subtitle first gets your mind to start buzzing about the story more. Pick out the most compelling part of the story that makes people want to click on the story and read it.

2. Be conservative with your words. Waste not, want not. No one wants to have to read a long story that is redundant. Be prudent about how much you will go into the story if it is not really relevant. The first thing people do today is glance at a story to see how long it is and if it looks too long it’s a big turnoff. Good press release writer know how to get to the point and deliver a newsworthy story.

3. A good press release writer knows how to set the journalistic tone and keep it throughout the story. When you read a story from the New York Times or USA Today you like reading the story because the tone has been set by the reporter. It’s not an ad or marketing ploy as it’s a real story that you want to read.

4. What are the news writing details of this particular story? Focus on making the most out of the facts. Making sure there are no mistakes and no typos. A great story is accurate and has no mistakes.

5. Try to create a story that makes any reporter wanting to ask for more details. When you are sending out a great press release then the natural process will be for the media to clamor for more. Your goal is to have the media reach out to you so they can set up an interview with your client. A great press release writer knows exactly how to do this repeatedly.

6. Look at other press releases you can find online and what is it about those press releases with their titles, story lines and subtitles that stand out to you? What makes you want to really read the whole press release or what grabs you first about it?

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