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  • Jerome Cleary

A Flood of Information: How Many Press Releases Do TV Stations Get?

Press releases are a cornerstone of public relations, aiming to grab the attention of journalists and secure news coverage. But on the receiving end, TV news stations are bombarded with these announcements daily. How many press releases do they typically receive, and how do they wade through this information deluge?

The Daily Downpour

The sheer number of press releases a TV station gets can vary significantly. It depends on factors like:

  • Market Size: Bigger markets with more media outlets naturally attract a higher volume of press releases from businesses and organizations vying for attention. A local station in a small town might receive considerably fewer press releases compared to a major network affiliate in a big city.

  • Station's Reach: Stations with a wider broadcast area or a national audience will likely be on the distribution list for a broader range of press releases.

From Dozens to Hundreds

Estimates suggest that a TV station could receive anywhere from 50 to 500 press releases in a single day. Smaller stations in regional areas may be on the lower end of this range, while large stations in major media hubs could be fielding hundreds of press releases daily.

Sifting Through the Pile

Given the overwhelming number of press releases, stations rely on a combination of strategies to sort the newsworthy from the not-so-newsworthy:

  • Press Release Distribution Services: Many press releases are sent through distribution services that target specific media outlets. Stations can filter these based on industry, location, and keywords to identify potentially relevant announcements.

  • Journalist Relationships: Stations often cultivate relationships with local public relations professionals and journalists who can provide insights into upcoming news or stories with potential public interest.

  • Editorial Staff Reviews: Station staff typically dedicate time to reviewing press releases, looking for stories that align with their news coverage and target audience.

Not Every Release Makes the Cut

Many press releases don't translate into on-air stories. Stations prioritize timely news, relevant to their viewers, and have a strong visual element suitable for television.

The Bottom Line

While the exact number of press releases a TV station receives can vary, it's safe to say they deal with a constant flow of information. By strategically filtering and evaluating these announcements, stations can find the stories that resonate with their audience and keep them informed.


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