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  • Jerome Cleary

Best Options For Press Releases

Pitch directly to editors

Don’t send a mass email to every journalist and editor. Instead, contact specific editors within your industry and send them personalized messages. It’s also a great idea to give editors an exclusive scoop to increase your chances of getting published.

Use cross-promotion to gain credibility

Your PR campaign starts with finding ways to co-promote to amplify your reach. If you have a potential partner who could benefit from free advertising, consider cross-promotion as a way to improve your reach and credibility. You might look to those with whom you already partner, or start building partnerships with brands that add value for yours without competition. 

Optimize for SEO

Many people assume that because links on a press release are no-follow, there’s no SEO value. For such people, link juice is the only metric to capture. 

It couldn’t be further from the truth. When you consider the goals that a press release achieves such as media coverage, referral traffic, building a reputation, and controlling a crisis.

Here are a few tips to optimize your press release for SEO

  • Conduct keyword research

  • Include the right keywords

  • Use a value-driven headline

  • Avoid jargon in the copy

  • Make sure your copy is engaging

  • Add visuals and use alt-image text to describe the visuals

  • Offer solutions to a problem

  • Include  boilerplate copy

  • End with a persuasive CTA that links to a relevant page

  • Share your press release with the right journalist

Do everything we’ve advised in this guide and you’ll be optimizing your copy for SEO without even knowing it.

Use a wire service

By 2020, 61% of 38,000 press releases were sent using a wire service. A wire service ensures that every major outlet shares your news. Most wire services can share your news with over 30,000-100,000 journalists and bloggers in hundreds of countries. 

You can send your press release through a distribution or wire service such as Newswire or Cision. The best results often come with a high initial price tag as some cost $400+ for each release with a 400-word limit (more if you want to add word count, images, video, or social media signals). Yet, these services can help you land coverage in major publications like the Wall Street Journal.

Time your release perfectly

Timing has an impact on the success of your press release. The best time to send out a press release is early on a Tuesday so it reaches publications before they assign stories to reporters.

Since most press releases are published at the top of the hour, avoid sending yours at that time. Send your press release a few minutes after the hour. For instance, instead of sending your press release in at 9 am, you’d send it in at 9:10 am

Distribute and share your media coverage

Apart from using a wire service for distribution, you can have a dedicated media section on your website to share news and other press releases. Sharing press releases on your website makes it easy for your readers to stay updated on the latest events in your organization.

Also, use social media to leverage media coverage. Share published stories on your social media platforms, and encourage users to engage with your content through comments, likes, and shares.

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