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  • Jerome Cleary

Don't Miss Out: How to Spot PR Opportunities Hiding in Plain Sight

Public relations are all about crafting a positive narrative for your brand or yourself. But sometimes, the best opportunities to build that narrative can fly right under your radar. Here's how to train your eye to spot PR goldmines in your everyday:

1. Become an Industry News Junkie:

Stay on top of current events and industry trends. Signing up for industry newsletters, following relevant publications and influencers on social media, and setting up Google Alerts for key terms are all great ways to do this. Understanding what people are talking about allows you to identify potential angles where your expertise or brand story can add value to the conversation.

2. Think Beyond the Press Release:

While press releases have their place, PR goes beyond self-promotion. Look for opportunities to contribute your knowledge as an industry expert. Journalists are constantly seeking sources for their stories. Check out platforms on Twitter where journalists post specific needs. By offering insightful commentary or data, you position yourself as a thought leader and gain valuable media exposure.

3. Awards and Recognition Programs:

Don't underestimate the power of awards and recognition programs. Entering industry competitions or "best of" lists can not only boost your brand image but also generate media coverage if you win or are shortlisted.

4. Competitive Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

While competition can be fierce, it can also be a source of inspiration. Analyze your competitor's PR strategies. See what kind of media coverage they're getting and identify gaps you can fill with your unique story.

5. Leverage Social Listening Tools:

Social media platforms are treasure troves of information. Use social listening tools to track brand mentions, industry conversations, and trending topics. This allows you to identify potential PR opportunities and engage with relevant audiences in real-time.

Turn Everyday Wins into PR Victories:

Look beyond the obvious. Did your company achieve a significant milestone? Did you launch a new product that addresses a critical customer need? These achievements can be spun into compelling stories for the media.

Remember: PR is about building relationships. By consistently providing value, offering insightful commentary, and engaging with the media and target audience, you'll be well on your way to turning those everyday opportunities into PR wins.



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