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  • Jerome Cleary

The Benefits Of Press Releases

Instant exposure to your target audience

For small businesses and startups, press releases provide immediate brand exposure from an established publication with a large reader base. 

With press releases, you build trust and authority on different fronts. You’re giving potential customers a reason to visit your website and learn more about what you offer.

Affordable and effective

Think of press releases as free advertising. When it’s picked up by a journalist working at a large media outlet, they’re helping you spread the word about your company at no cost. 

Apart from making your products or services more desirable to prospects, they capture the attention of investors who could become future sponsors that fuel your business growth.

Increased web traffic and SEO benefits

Your press release is indexed by Google and other search engines. This means your website will likely show up in search results when users search a keyword related to the topic of the press release. You also get valuable backlinks that help you rank higher for the primary keyword as well as referral traffic back to your website.

The SEO benefit isn’t just search ranking. You enjoy brand recognition, increased visibility, social media engagement, and citations.

Become an industry leader

Press releases aren’t always self-promotional. An excellent PR campaign offers the opportunity to brand as an industry authority. You share unique insight that positions you as a thought leader. With time, your brand can develop credibility as you build awareness and trust with your target audience.

Authority is especially crucial for small and medium-sized businesses since it can help you grow your customer base and build a brand identity.

Proactive reputation management

The best product or customer service won’t stop a few people from saying bad things about your brand. How you deal with negative reviews is what matters.

You can push negative news down in search results with positive news about your brand. It’s even more effective when you use distribution platforms to get more eyes on your content.

When you admit to mistakes such as data breaches, product recalls, or safety concerns beforehand, it allows you to control the narrative instead of letting competitors do it for you. It also shows that you care about the consumer experience with your brand. 

Types of press releases

New product launch press release

Use a new product press release to generate interest ahead of a product launch. More than just features, the press release should highlight the benefits and unique functions that set the product apart from competitors. Distribute the press release a few days ahead to give journalists sufficient time to write a story.

A product launch press release includes: 

  • The date of product release

  • Key product features and benefits

  • Pricing

  • A quote from an executive

  • Visuals

Product update press release

A product update press release aims to inform your existing audience about new changes to a product. The target audience is your customers, not potential clients.


The product update press release includes: 

  • The major changes that were made

  • The reasoning behind the changes

  • How the changes benefit the user

Events press release

A press release is a vital part of your event marketing strategy. The goals are to attract media attention, raise public interest, and sell as many tickets as possible.

Your event press release includes:

  • The time and location

  • Pricing for admission (if any)

  • Interesting details about the event (give people a reason to attend)

Make sure to include all the details at the top of the press release, preferably in the first 1-2 paragraphs.

Mergers and acquisitions press release

When two companies merge, or one acquires another, a press release informs stakeholders and customers about the company’s upcoming changes. 

The mergers and acquisition press release includes:

  • Important details about both organizations

  • The reason for the merger or acquisition

  • Incumbent changes due to the merger or acquisition

  • Quotes from the leaders of both companies

  • How the changes could affect customers

Rebranding press release

A rebranding press release eliminates confusion amongst users when you make significant changes to your website, product, logo, or name. 

A rebranding press release includes:

  • What the new website or product will look like

  • When the changes will go into effect

  • Why the changes were made

  • Quotes from leadership to alleviate customer doubts or worries

Grand opening press release

A grand opening or celebration typically takes place when a business opens a new office or relocates. 

A grand opening press release includes:

  •  Date, time, and location

  •  The reason for the move or opening of a new office

  •  Any special events during the opening

Awards press release

When your company wins an award, you can distribute a press release to cement your position as an industry leader. Awards and accolades are excellent for gaining publicity and increasing customer trust. 

An award press release includes:

  •  What this accolade means for your company

  • Why your company won it 

  • Quotes from leadership

  • Details about any celebratory events or offers

New partnership press release

When two organizations join forces, you can send a press release to explain why the partnership was formed and how it benefits both customer bases. 

A new partnership press release includes:

  • A summary of both companies

  • Why the partnership was made

  • How it benefits both customer bases

  • Additional information for current and future stakeholders

New hire press release

A new hire press release informs customers and investors about changes in leadership positions, typically high-level executives. 

A new hire press release includes: 

  • The professional achievements of the new hire

  • Their mission and vision for the organization

  • Quotes from the new hire 

  • Quotes from one or two current executives explaining the value of the new hire

Charitable initiatives press release

Charitable initiatives are a great way to show your audience that you care about more than just money. The press release should give customers and the public a glimpse into your company’s culture. Your goal is to share high-level information about the work being done and rally others to contribute to your cause.

A charitable initiative press release includes:

  • How your initiatives have helped those in need (without being too promotional)

  • Concrete numbers to show the impact

  • Quotes from organizations you’re helping


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