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  • Jerome Cleary

Top Los Angeles Publicist Says Content Is Still King

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Nothing has changed in the world of great online content.

Content marketing for ecommerce- Future prospects

With the popularity of social sharing platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, and Vine- content has is helping customers to overcome the challenge of making purchase decisions.

Jerome Cleary, CEO of Publicity and Marketing says “ With more awareness that great content drives true organic SEO many businesses will be spending a lot more time hiring and working on their content to reflect their true voice. Content is king has become the catch phrase in the past few years and now businesses and business owners are finally getting behind the curve. When you have great thought out content with catchy article titles that is what makes for even greater content on the internet. Thus, it raises the bar for everyone to consciously spend time putting together edgy, sexy content that is definitely worth reading. Where business owners were hiring more Social Media experts for their companies in the past few years so now they will spend more time and money on great writers to create one of a kind content to compete with their competitors. The growth and change will be significant and continue to grow ten fold.”

Key reasons why content and ecommerce will never split

1- Engagement growth- Premium content to keep your customers coming back.

2- Sales growth– Personalized content to influence purchase decisions.

3- Brand awareness– Attractive content to be shared across multiple social

media channels.

4- Cost-effective marketing- Content marketing is a bliss to budget-minded business owner.

5- Effective marketing- Good content will always be around.

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