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  • Jerome Cleary

Top Publicist Explains 7 Benefits of PR

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

There are important keys to the business benefits of publicity. Any marketing manager worth a king's ransom will tell you that publicity is worth its weight in gold. Each and every year, companies spend tons of money to turn around their business fortunes publicizing and marketing their services and products. So, I can unarguably guarantee you that for every single product out there, there is always a cheaper, more affordable and better product to compete with. Unfortunately, it's always the winner that takes it all, the good stuff doesn't always carry the day when it comes to market competition and product dominance. There is definitely no boon to being the best when it is not known to others except you and you alone.

In all likelihood, there is always a justifiable reward for all the time and investment monies put into publicity by generating a worthy return on investment. Based on this fact, publicity – I mean, good publicity – is pivotal to a good and successful business. The following shows the 7 best key benefits of publicity as it matters to business.

7 Best Key Business Benefits of Publicity

Publicity is virtually free: Apart from the costs accruable from media distribution, liaison, preparation and distribution, the cost for publicity is virtually free - every magazine article, newspaper feature, media mention, press release or radio and/or television interview is really and freely free.

Publicity substantiates your efforts as an expert: With publicity fanning the flame of your fame, in no time you will be often quoted and referenced in the media as a notable expert worthy of having a business dealing with.

Publicity causes you to be noticed: If your business happens to be the buzz of the media, there is every tendency that it will be the focus of articles or even much more gets favorably referenced in a business story where you can quickly make an impression upon the readers and engage them profitably with your product and service offerings. Really, you can't hide from the fact that consumers will notice you and that means more leads, more sales.

Publicity helps form strategic alliances. More organizations and high net-worth companies are more likely to fraternize with your business once your credibility is vouchsafed as a tour de force in your chosen field. That means more open doors…more opportunities.

Publicity is viral: In the marketing world, ads don't regenerate themselves but publicity does. All it takes is for your message(s) to appeal to people with high social networking potential and boom, it goes viral. It can land you more and more PR opportunities turning you into a household name.

Publicity enhances your identity, builds your credibility and boosts your effective competitiveness: The more media appearances you or your business make, the more your business will be associated with success setting you apart from the rest of the market.

Publicity gives you the status of a celebrity: With publicity acting as your chauffeur, once you get quoted in an occasion, there is every possibility that you will get quoted in other occasions. Publicity gets you in the limelight thereby increasing your effective market value.

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