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  • Jerome Cleary

Types of press releases

New product launch press release

Use a new product press release to generate interest ahead of a product launch. More than just features, the press release should highlight the benefits and unique functions that set the product apart from competitors. Distribute the press release a few days ahead to give journalists sufficient time to write a story.

A product launch press release includes: 

  • The date of product release

  • Key product features and benefits

  • Pricing

  • A quote from an executive

  • Visuals

Product update press release

A product update press release aims to inform your existing audience about new changes to a product. The target audience is your customers, not potential clients.


The product update press release includes: 

  • The major changes that were made

  • The reasoning behind the changes

  • How the changes benefit the user

Events press release

A press release is a vital part of your event marketing strategy. The goals are to attract media attention, raise public interest, and sell as many tickets as possible.

Your event press release includes:

  • The time and location

  • Pricing for admission (if any)

  • Interesting details about the event (give people a reason to attend)

Make sure to include all the details at the top of the press release, preferably in the first 1-2 paragraphs.

Mergers and acquisitions press release

When two companies merge, or one acquires another, a press release informs stakeholders and customers about the company’s upcoming changes. 

The mergers and acquisition press release includes:

  • Important details about both organizations

  • The reason for the merger or acquisition

  • Incumbent changes due to the merger or acquisition

  • Quotes from the leaders of both companies

  • How the changes could affect customers

Rebranding press release

A rebranding press release eliminates confusion amongst users when you make significant changes to your website, product, logo, or name. 

A rebranding press release includes:

  • What the new website or product will look like

  • When the changes will go into effect

  • Why the changes were made

  • Quotes from leadership to alleviate customer doubts or worries

Grand opening press release

A grand opening or celebration typically takes place when a business opens a new office or relocates. 

A grand opening press release includes:

  •  Date, time, and location

  •  The reason for the move or opening of a new office

  •  Any special events during the opening

Awards press release

When your company wins an award, you can distribute a press release to cement your position as an industry leader. Awards and accolades are excellent for gaining publicity and increasing customer trust. 

An award press release includes:

  •  What this accolade means for your company

  • Why your company won it 

  • Quotes from leadership

  • Details about any celebratory events or offers

New partnership press release

When two organizations join forces, you can send a press release to explain why the partnership was formed and how it benefits both customer bases. 

A new partnership press release includes:

  • A summary of both companies

  • Why the partnership was made

  • How it benefits both customer bases

  • Additional information for current and future stakeholders

New hire press release

A new hire press release informs customers and investors about changes in leadership positions, typically high-level executives. 

A new hire press release includes: 

  • The professional achievements of the new hire

  • Their mission and vision for the organization

  • Quotes from the new hire 

  • Quotes from one or two current executives explaining the value of the new hire

Charitable initiatives press release

Charitable initiatives are a great way to show your audience that you care about more than just money. The press release should give customers and the public a glimpse into your company’s culture. Your goal is to share high-level information about the work being done and rally others to contribute to your cause.

A charitable initiative press release includes:

  • How your initiatives have helped those in need (without being too promotional)

  • Concrete numbers to show the impact

  • Quotes from organizations you’re helping


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