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  • Jerome Cleary

Unearthing the Gem: How Great Publicists Find Newsworthy Angles for Their Clients

In the ever-churning media mill, attention is a precious commodity. So, how do you, with a brand or story to share, rise above the noise and capture the attention of journalists? Enter the skilled publicist – a strategic storyteller with a knack for unearthing the newsworthy angle that transforms your narrative into media gold.

What Makes an Angle Newsworthy?

Great publicists understand the core elements that make a story newsworthy:

  • Timeliness: Is your story tied to a current event, trend, or seasonal happening? Leveraging current events in your pitch can significantly increase its relevance.

  • Impact: Does your brand or story address a problem, offer a solution, or make a positive difference in the world? Highlighting impactful aspects makes your narrative more newsworthy.

  • Human Interest: People connect with stories that touch their hearts. Can you weave a human interest element into your brand narrative? Personal stories, challenges overcome, or real-life beneficiaries can make your message resonate.

  • Innovation & Disruption: Does your brand push boundaries or offer a fresh perspective in your industry? Highlighting innovative aspects can grab a journalist's attention, especially in competitive markets.

  • Uniqueness: What sets you apart? Every brand has a story, but a great publicist will identify the unique elements that make yours stand out and pique a journalist's curiosity.

The Art of the Unearthed Angle:

Unearthing the newsworthy angle is a strategic dance:

  • Deep Client Knowledge: A good publicist delves deep, understanding your brand's mission, values, and offerings. This knowledge becomes the foundation for identifying potential newsworthy angles.

  • Industry Savvy: Staying abreast of industry trends, challenges, and opportunities allows a publicist to position your brand's story within a larger context, making it more relevant and newsworthy.

  • Competitor Analysis: Knowing your competitors' landscape is crucial. A skilled publicist will analyze competitor news and identify opportunities to differentiate your brand's angle and offer a fresh perspective.

  • Creative Thinking: Great publicists are not afraid to think outside the box. They can brainstorm unique angles, unexpected connections, or creative storytelling approaches to make your brand's narrative stand out.

From Angle to Impact:

Unearthing the newsworthy angle is just the first step:

  • Crafting a Compelling Pitch: Once the angle is identified, the publicist translates it into a captivating pitch that highlights its newsworthiness and resonates with a specific journalist's beat.

  • Building Relationships: Strong relationships with journalists are key. Understanding their interests and editorial calendars allows a publicist to tailor the newsworthy angle to their specific needs.

  • Data & Measurement: Great publicists track results. By analyzing media placements and audience engagement, they can measure the effectiveness of the newsworthy angle and adapt strategies for future campaigns.

The Takeaway:

A great publicist isn't just a media matchmaker; they're a newsworthiness detective. They possess the industry knowledge, creativity, and strategic thinking to unearth the hidden gem within your brand story – the newsworthy angle that captures media attention and propels your narrative into the spotlight. With their expertise, you can transform your brand from a whisper in the crowd to a captivating story that resonates with audiences and propels your brand toward success.



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