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  • Jerome Cleary

What Are The Types Of Publicists?

There are several types of publicists:

Media Agents

Media agents operate with newspapers, social networks, TV, and radio to build relationships with these providers to ensure that their clients have access to all opportunities.

Special Publicity Consultants

Special Publicity Consultants promote (or also create) an intended public image for individuals, groups, or organizations. These consultants work with companies of all sizes in various industries to market a product or service.

Unit Publicists

Unit Publicists organize media kits, send out press releases, and arrange media visits during the production phase of a film or other work of art.

Press Representatives (Or Press Agents)

Press Representatives work in public relations (PR) and represent clients through a marketing campaign or publicity tour.

Public Relations Publicists

Public Relations Publicists maintain a positive image of the client by designing an advertising campaign for them. They will craft a story and ensure it gets a lot of publicity and good coverage.

Book Publicist

Nowadays, most intelligent authors seek book publicists’ services to stand out as more than 170,000 book titles get published each year and in many different formats. Traditionally, publishing houses involve the marketing of a book as part of the publishing deal. But today, more often than not, as an author, you’ll need to handle your own promotion, which led to a rise in book publicists.

Every book publicist specializes in a particular genre or author. Consequently, the work they do varies considerably. But typically, a book publicist’s job includes:

  • Putting together a media kit

  • Positioning the title(adding to must-read booklists)

  • Edit the author’s biography and the book’s synopsis

  • Pitching interviews and features

  • Organizing author interviews

  • Coaching the author and suggesting points for interviews

  • Encouraging nomination at a book awards ceremony

  • Requesting book reviews

  • Organizing book giveaways

  • To plan a book launch

  • Scheduling, hosting, and promoting virtual book tour

  • To advise on social media messaging

So it would be best if you collaborate with a publicist for your book publicity campaign to be successful. 


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