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  • Jerome Cleary

What is Publicity versus Public Relations in 2024?

Despite their differences, publicists and public relations professionals use many similar tools to advance their goals. Though, some are more specific to each profession. Some examples for each one include:


Here are some examples of tools used to generate publicity:

  • Press release: A press release is a written report that contains important information or tells a story that a company or brand wants the press to advertise. It might focus on specific details for an event, an announcement about a new product or an important change in the company's leadership.

  • Publicity stunt: A publicity stunt is a staged event that publicists manufacture to generate organic, positive media coverage. For example, you might stage and film interviews with potential customers in a public setting where they try your product and give a positive review.

  • Public speaking: Offering to speak publicly about a company or brand can lead to positive interactions with the public. For example, volunteer to make a guest appearance on a podcast or radio show to discuss your brand and its benefits.

Public relations

Here are some examples of tools and strategies used in public relations:

  • Social media: Public relations managers might curate social media content for their clients to post at a given time. This allows the client to control the content that's released onto their personal platforms and distribute information to the people who follow their social accounts.

  • Events: Planning and advertising events help public relations professionals carefully select a guest list, theme and agenda that has the potential to produce a positive reputation among the audience. These events may act as publicity antics, but they remain in the control of the PR team.

  • Making announcements: When a company or brand has new information to share with the public, the PR team can create a plan for how to communicate the announcement. While they might choose a press release, there are other methods as well, such as a new ad campaign or email marketing.

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