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  • Jerome Cleary

What Skills Should A Publicist Have?

The core part of public relations is always WRITING. Still, with the proliferation of technology and social media, modern-day publicists spend more than 90% of their time writing and drafting copy for everything from proposals, emails, and pitches to tweets, social media captions, and marketing materials. So if you want to succeed in this role, you have to write well.

It would be best if you also had attention to detail. For example, a wrong number or address can be a big deal, or imagine sending out a press release with the wrong contact info or an invite with the incorrect address.

Problem-solving skills are also a must to manage and avoid crises. Experience in public relations software such as Cision helps improve public relations campaigns.

Publicists sometimes speak on behalf of their clients. Therefore, they should feel comfortable speaking in different public situations to accomplish some of their duties. Communication is another skill that involves the ability to work with others in various mediums. Publicists constantly communicate with people in person, via text, in emails, over the phone, and by video. Therefore, excellent communication skills are vital.

What Does It Take To Excel In This Role?

Publicists have to be aesthetic, imaginative, spontaneous, wise, eloquent, innovative, and expressive. Some are also resourceful, meaning they’re adventuresome, enthusiastic, trustworthy, extroverted, and cheerful. Being confident while speaking before a crowd, and articulating your thoughts and your client’s story in front of an audience, coworkers, and the media is essential to excel in this role. 


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