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  • Jerome Cleary

Why write a press release?

There are many different reasons to use certain article formats, but the press release format has its share of advantages for businesses. Below are some of the primary benefits of writing a press release.

Attract media attention

When you write a newsworthy press release, it can get picked up by the media. If your press release is shared by other organizations or picked up by a media outlet, this can bring attention to your company and help you reach new audiences.

Garner publicity and brand awareness

Businesses, especially smaller ones, have a lot of work to do when it comes to brand awareness. A good press release can help garner some publicity and potentially create some buzz around your brand.

Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an important thing for many businesses and organizations, as it helps your company website rank in search results. A carefully crafted press release can improve SEO if it contains relevant keywords or gets shared by other websites.

Shape public perception of your business

Getting the word out there is important, but just as important is that you make sure people have a good impression of you. Press releases serve as great opportunities to showcase your brand's voice and personality, and in that way shape how the general public views your organization.

When to write a press release

Press releases are most effective when you are trying to share a major addition or change to your company, whether that be for exciting new hires (such as executives or developers), mergers, new products, or some other noteworthy event. You can also use it to advertise awards your company or employees have received, which goes a long way to engender appreciation and respect in your brand.

There are 16 different types of press releases:

  • Standard press release

  • Product launch press release

  • Event press release

  • Acquisition press release

  • New hire press release

  • Milestone achievement press release

  • Financial results press release

  • Partnership or collaboration press release

  • Crisis management press release

  • Award or recognition press release

  • Community engagement press release

  • White paper or research findings press release

  • Rebranding press release

  • Expert opinion or thought leadership press release

  • Seasonal or holiday promotion press release

  • Charitable initiative or donation press release


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