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  • Jerome Cleary

Publicist – Everything You Need To Know

Who Is A Publicist?

A publicist acts as a link between the client and the public, promoting their public image. He also manages the public image of their clients and sets up publicity events. He may also pitch ideas and content to clients, journalists, and influencers. Additionally, a publicist helps determine how to deliver the message, on which platform, and maintain and engage in communication with the target group of people. 

A publicist will lead and generate publicity for public figures, businesses, films, movies, and more. Publicists often write the following materials:

  • Press releases 

  • Speeches

  • Media alerts

  • Press kit materials 

  • Social media content 

  • Biographies 

  • Website content 

  • Pitches 

  • Oversee their client’s image

  • Scan the media for any mentions, both positive and negative

  • Set up a photo or video shoot

  • Plan events

  • Make sure all branding is cohesive

  • Manage any crisis

In addition, publicists usually write the tweets and posts that you see from your favorite celebrity. 


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