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  • Jerome Cleary

What does a public relations specialist do in 2024?

Public relations specialists, also called media specialists or communications specialists, craft and manage a positive reputation for the company they represent. Rather than paying for advertising, public relations specialists raise their client's public image by writing resources for the media to use in their coverage, engaging the client's audience on social media and building a relationship with the press.

PR specialists work in a variety of industries, including education, advertising, politics and government. In politics and government, they may be referred to as press secretaries.

The day-to-day duties of public relations specialists include:

  • Writing press releases

  • Preparing media packets

  • Communicating with the press

  • Monitoring and boosting their client's public reputation

  • Outlining and writing speeches

  • Organizing interviews and media spotlights for the leaders of their client's organization

  • Reviewing promotional campaigns to ensure they're on-brand and actively improving public perception of the client

  • Checking and boosting the client's reputation through social media


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