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  • Jerome Cleary

You've Sent the Release, Now What? Signs It's Time for a New Media Strategy

You've crafted the perfect press release, one that confidently announces your company's exciting news. You hit send, and a wave of anticipation washes over you. But how do you know when it's time to move beyond that initial release and explore new tactics? Here are some signs that your first press release might have run its course:

Media Silence: A deafening silence from journalists can be a clue. After a reasonable wait time (depending on your industry, news cycle, and target media), a lack of coverage suggests your initial outreach might not have resonated.

Low Online Buzz: In today's digital age, online traction is key. Monitor mentions on social media, industry blogs, and news aggregators. If the initial flurry of interest has died down, it's time to consider a fresh angle.

Web Traffic Flatlines: Did your press release drive a surge in website traffic? If the numbers haven't budged significantly, it might indicate the release didn't reach the intended audience or lacked compelling information.

Repeat Questions: Are you fielding the same questions from potential customers or partners? This might suggest your press release wasn't clear or comprehensive enough. A follow-up with more details could reignite interest.

Shifting Landscape: Did something newsworthy happen in your industry that overshadows your original announcement? Be prepared to adapt your message to stay relevant in the ever-changing news cycle.

Remember, a press release is a starting point, not an end. By recognizing these signs, you can be proactive in crafting a newsworthy follow-up or exploring alternative outreach methods. Here are some additional tips:

  • Target the right journalists. Research their areas of interest and tailor your pitch accordingly.

  • Offer exclusive content. Journalists are bombarded with pitches. Provide them with valuable insights or data they can't get elsewhere.

  • Think beyond the press release. Consider op-eds, guest blog posts, or social media campaigns to expand your reach.

By being strategic and adaptable, you can ensure your message continues to resonate with the media and your target audience.


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